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Land Use Information

The information displayed on this web site is derived from multiple sources and assigns each parcel of land to a land use category from a predetermined list. Every effort is made to achieve accuracy and consistency in this process. However, there is no guarantee of complete accuracy and the user should be aware of this. These land use files are updated periodically and every parcel does not necessarily reflect the use as of the date given the file. This display of current (2014) land use is presented to the public for general information purposes only, and the assignment of land use has no legal significance or consequences for property owners. Land use as displayed is not an indicator of existing zoning or permitting of current or future land use.

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Single-Family - Detached structure consisting of a single housing unit normally occupied by one family

Duplex - A detached structure containing two separate housing units

Townhouses - A grouping of three or more structures, each a separate housing unit normally of one or two stories

Low-Density Multi-Family - A building with three or more housing units up to a total of 25 dwelling units per acre of land

High-Density Multi-Family - A building with over 25 dwelling units per acre of land

Migrant Camps * - Farm worker camps and migrant labor quarters

Mobile Home Parks - Trailer parks

Office - Offices and Office buildings

Shopping Centers, Commercial, Stadiums, Tracks - Includes all retail and service activities having to do with buying, selling, amusement, entertainment and the provision of services

Transient-Residential (Hotels-Motels) - a structure providing lodging normally of a temporary nature to the public

Industrial Extraction - Includes any type of excavation, quarrying or rockpit mining Industrial - Includes all acitivities concerned with manufacturing, production, processing, fabrication, light or heavy storage of goods and materials

Water Conservation Areas - South Florida Water Management District Water Conservation Area 3a or 3b

Parks ( Including Preserves and Conservation) - Includes local parks, open green spaces, areawide parks intended to serve all residents and tourists countywide (metropolitan, state, and national parks)

Airports - Ports - Land which is devoted to the large-scale movement of people and goods

Communications, Utilities, Terminals, Plants - Land which is devoted to power generating facilities, solid waste transfer and disposal, water and sewage treatment plants, facilities involved in transport of water, gas, air and electricity and areas used for airwave communications

Cemeteries - A location for the burying of the dead

Streets, Roads - Used for the transport of people and goods

Canals and Canals R/W - Used for the drainage of water

Agriculture - Land that is used for the principal purpose of raising food crops, ornamental plants, and the grazing of animals

Vacant, Government Owned - Undeveloped lands not in any use which are owned by the Local, State or Federal government

Vacant, Protected, Privately-owned - Undeveloped lands not in any use which are owned privately and which are placed under some restriction for use

Vacant, Unprotected - Undeveloped lands not in any use for which there are no restrictions for further development and which can be governed by the current zoning or land use designation

Water - Includes all waters inland and coastal contained in lakes, ponds and saltwater tributaries and lagoons, Biscayne Bay, the ocean and all streams and canals.



Quick Start Instructions:

1. Make a selection from the Show Me dropdown box on the left of this screen.
2. From the Search By dropdown box select Address, Intersection or Landmark to locate an area or property.
When the location is found, a report will show information next to the map.
3. Use a tool to zoom, pan, print or get more detailed information.
4. From the Show Me dropdown box select a different My Neighborhood application.


How to Search My Neighborhood?

1. Select one of the My Neighborhood applicatons from the the Show Me drop-down list.


After you have selected an Application from the Show Me list, select type of search you would like to perform, by selecting one of the items in the Search by drop-down list. Search by allows you to locate a specific area or property.

There are three Search methods:


Opens a window with a dialog box to enable location of addresses by street.

If you know the specific address, you can enter the Street Number, Direction, Street Name, and Street Type. The Zip Code is optional, but will help locate addresses if they could be located in more than one city.


Opens a window with a dialog box to enable location of addresses by cross streets.

You can enter the Direction, Street Name and Street Type for two streets that intersect. The center point of the map will be the intersection you select.


Opens a window with a dialog box to enable location of addresses by Landmark.

Select a landmark from the provided list.


My Neighborhood Toolbar:

We have provided Tools to help you navigate the My Neighborhood Maps. Use your mouse to select the tool you wish to use from the toolbar. The tool you select will appear as the "Active Tool." See the list below for more details on how to use each tool.

Please note, the Active Tool, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Out to Full Extent, Identify, Pan and Legend are active only when a user is using one of the My Neighborhood applications.

  Active Tool Identifies which tool is currently being used.
Zoom In Click to re-center or click and drag the mouse to draw a box to zoom in one level at a time. To zoom in faster/slower, draw smaller/larger boxes.
Zoom Out Click to re-center or click and drag the mouse to draw a box to zoom out one level at a time. To zoom out faster/slower, draw smaller/larger boxes.
Zoom Out to
Full Extent
Reverts back to display initial county map.
Identify Click on a map symbol feature to get attribute information. Opens a popup menu displaying the attribute data of the point selected.
Pan Pan the map display in any direction by left clicking the mouse and dragging it.
Print Opens a popup window displaying the current map and report (if available). Then it can be printed or saved using your browser's menu File - Print command.
Aerial Photography Shows Aerial Photography.
My Home page Clicking on this icon will take you to My Home page to obtain property information on the currently selected address.
Help Opens a window with help topics.




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