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Year 2008

261 Sale(s) found in 0.50 square mile around 2917 SE 15TH TER , 33035
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1Link to My Home page10792901331201408 SE 26 CT 312 1252,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
2Link to My Home page10792901309402815 SE 15 RD 94 5240,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
3Link to My Home page10792901448101658 SE 28 CT 108 10204,900Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
4Link to My Home page10792900920801519 SE 31 CT 12191,684Other disqualified Residential20051,50932
5Link to My Home page10792901305802916 SE 15 RD 58 4180,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
6Link to My Home page10792900931102932 SE 15 TER 1180,000Sales which are qualified Residential20041,51832
7Link to My Home page10792901336101436 SE 24 CT 361 8178,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
8Link to My Home page10792901109901300 SE 29 ST 102-432165,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op200582222
9Link to My Home page10792901414802551 SE 16 TER 102 2145,500Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
10Link to My Home page10792901013901261 SE 31 CT 104-531143,500Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op200482222
11Link to My Home page10792901408702731 SE 17 AVE 105 9142,263Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op20061,16632
12Link to My Home page10792901402101692 SE 29 CT 104 6129,100Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op200591422
13Link to My Home page10792901002501251 SE 29 ST 101-2610128,306Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20041,09932
14Link to My Home page10792901327201405 SE 24 CT 272 2125,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
15Link to My Home page10792900713802701 SE 12 RD 203 1122,900Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op200381522
16Link to My Home page10792901316302743 SE 15 PL 163 6119,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20051,30232
17Link to My Home page10792901335701444 SE 24 CT 357 2118,500Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
18Link to My Home page10792901328902512 SE 14 AVE 289 7110,830Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op20051,42333
19Link to My Home page10792901304702862 SE 15 RD 47 5108,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
20Link to My Home page10792901331901495 SE 27 ST 319 4107,500Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
21Link to My Home page10792901003001251 SE 29 ST 203-2611107,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op200481522
22Link to My Home page10792900700602650 SE 12 PL 203 2105,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op200381522
23Link to My Home page10792900905101661 SE 30 ST 1105,000Sales which are qualified Residential20041,50932
24Link to My Home page10792901318301516 SE 27 ST 183 6103,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,30232
25Link to My Home page10792901336101436 SE 24 CT 361 8100,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
26Link to My Home page10792901308902825 SE 15 RD 89 8100,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
27Link to My Home page10792901334801474 SE 24 CT 348 8100,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
28Link to My Home page10792901338102509 SE 14 AVE 381 999,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
29Link to My Home page10792901334601478 SE 24 CT 346 999,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
30Link to My Home page10792901313302750 SE 15 PL 133 899,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
31Link to My Home page10792901339602621 SE 14 AVE 396 799,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
32Link to My Home page10792901308402837 SE 15 RD 84 999,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
33Link to My Home page10792901305702914 SE 15 RD 57 799,900Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,30232
34Link to My Home page10792901304602860 SE 15 RD 46 499,500Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,30232
35Link to My Home page10792900715502731 SE 12 RD 106 798,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20031,09932
36Link to My Home page10792900926101698 SE 30 ST 897,000Other disqualified Residential20041,51832
37Link to My Home page10792901300701413 SE 27 CT 7 495,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,30232
38Link to My Home page10792901318802619 SE 15 PL 188 595,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
39Link to My Home page10792901007102910 SE 12 RD 106-29193,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20041,09932
40Link to My Home page10792901323201535 SE 24 CT 232 592,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
41Link to My Home page10792901456501661 SE 29 CT 101 890,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
42Link to My Home page10792901455901661 SE 29 CT 107 990,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
43Link to My Home page10792901455202908 SE 17 AVE 103 789,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,06032
44Link to My Home page10792901456701661 SE 29 CT 209 989,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,07632
45Link to My Home page10792901455002908 SE 17 AVE 101 789,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
46Link to My Home page10792901330102612 SE 14 AVE 301 887,500Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
47Link to My Home page10792900915902980 SE 15 AVE 985,000Other disqualified Residential20051,50932
48Link to My Home page10792901438301662 SE 27 DR 106 1184,990Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op200691422
49Link to My Home page10792901327401401 SE 24 CT 274 582,500Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
50Link to My Home page10792900914001500 SE 31 CT 1080,000Other disqualified Residential20051,51832
51Link to My Home page10792901316102739 SE 15 PL 161 979,900Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
52Link to My Home page10792900925803052 SE 17 AVE 678,000Other disqualified Residential20051,16622
53Link to My Home page10792901318902617 SE 15 PL 189 1276,500Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
54Link to My Home page10792901301302720 SE 15 RD 13 575,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
55Link to My Home page10792901020501260 SE 29 ST 101-59472,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20041,09932
56Link to My Home page10792901316402745 SE 15 PL 164 1171,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
57Link to My Home page10792900723102701 SE 12 PL 102 970,731Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op200382222
58Link to My Home page10792901317002732 SE 16 AVE 170 1170,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
59Link to My Home page10792900716401251 SE 28 CT 204 470,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op200381522
60Link to My Home page10792900924001635 SE 31 CT 1268,000Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Residential20051,50932
61Link to My Home page10792901336401424 SE 24 CT 364 1268,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
62Link to My Home page10792900727001270 SE 28 CT 203 768,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op200381522
63Link to My Home page10792901448101658 SE 28 CT 108 1066,900Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
64Link to My Home page10792901416302461 SE 16 TER 101 1165,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
65Link to My Home page10792900920801519 SE 31 CT 1265,000Other disqualified Residential20051,50932
66Link to My Home page10792900927001668 SE 30 ST 964,900Other disqualified Residential20041,51832
67Link to My Home page10792900907603067 SE 17 AVE 964,500Other disqualified Residential20051,50932
68Link to My Home page10792901443301652 SE 28 ST 100 764,500Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,06032
69Link to My Home page10792901305302876 SE 15 RD 53 1264,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
70Link to My Home page10792900926501686 SE 30 ST 1063,000Other disqualified Residential20041,50932
71Link to My Home page10792901007902920 SE 12 RD 104-30762,500Other disqualified Condo/Co-op200482222
72Link to My Home page10792901119502920 SE 13 AVE 102-51562,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op200482222
73Link to My Home page10792900922201555 SE 31 CT 1260,000Other disqualified Residential20051,51832
74Link to My Home page10792901328202448 SE 14 AVE 282 1260,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
75Link to My Home page10792901428102650 SE 16 TER 204 759,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,18232
76Link to My Home page10792900925301689 SE 31 CT 1059,000Other disqualified Residential20051,50932
77Link to My Home page10792901319502523 SE 15 PL 195 1255,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
78Link to My Home page10792901428502711 SE 16 AVE 105 1155,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,06032
79Link to My Home page10792901313502746 SE 15 PL 135 955,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
80Link to My Home page10792900704801250 SE 26 ST 206 954,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20031,02432
81Link to My Home page10792900712501260 SE 27 ST 103 753,500Other disqualified Condo/Co-op200382222
82Link to My Home page10792901313202752 SE 15 PL 132 1052,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,30232
83Link to My Home page10792900927801638 SE 30 ST 1251,100Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Residential20041,16622
84Link to My Home page10792900927601646 SE 30 ST 851,100Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Residential20041,50932
85Link to My Home page10792901428402650 SE 16 TER 207 1251,000Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op20061,07632
86Link to My Home page10792901418701543 SE 25 ST 103 1250,500Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op20051,16632
87Link to My Home page10792901117802911 SE 13 AVE 205-491250,100Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op200581522
88Link to My Home page10792900721801271 SE 28 CT 201 1050,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20031,02432
89Link to My Home page10792901406902811 SE 17 AVE 211 1250,000Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op20061,07632
90Link to My Home page10792901008702930 SE 12 RD 102-31750,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op200482222
91Link to My Home page10792900915303010 SE 15 AVE 149,875Other disqualified Residential20051,16622
92Link to My Home page10792901408302731 SE 17 AVE 109 1049,736Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op20061,16632
93Link to My Home page10792901337702449 SE 14 AVE 377 1248,700Sales which are disqualified as a result of examination of the deed Condo/Co-op20061,30232
94Link to My Home page10792900928201624 SE 30 ST 1147,000Other disqualified Residential20041,50932
95Link to My Home page10792901113102920 SE 13 RD 106-451147,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,09932
96Link to My Home page10792901319602521 SE 15 PL 196 1147,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,42333
97Link to My Home page10792901317801586 SE 27 CT 178 1147,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20051,42333
98Link to My Home page10792900909101666 SE 31 CT 1047,000Other disqualified Residential20051,51832
99Link to My Home page10792901427302650 SE 16 TER 104 946,000Other disqualified Condo/Co-op20061,16632
100Link to My Home page10792901431201539 SE 27 ST 200 1245,000Sales which are qualified Condo/Co-op20061,07632

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